Report migration for authentication reports as of September 7th, 2023

September 5, 2023 12:13

During September 2023, we will be making changes to our authentication reports which will allow for improved speed, reliability and consistency.

Why is Adyen making this change?

We are leveraging new technology to generate reports which will bring several advantages to our customers: 

  • Enhanced data accuracy and incorporation of new data points, such as network tokens, in the near future

  • Establishing a more predictable report availability schedule

  • Expedited report generation. Specially for accounts encompassing a substantial volume of transactions within a single reporting interval

Which reports will be impacted by this migration?

The reports that will be targeted in this migration are:

  • 3D Secure Authentication report 

  • 3D Secure Conversion report 

  • Offer Details report

When will the reports be migrated?

The new version of these reports is already available in our TEST environment so that you can start validating them against your processes that consume this data.

The LIVE migration of these reports will be divided into 2 rollout dates. We will notify you via system message which rollout date applies to you. 

  • Rollout date #1: Thursday September 7th, 2023

  • Rollout date #2: Wednesday September 13th, 2023

What actions are required from my side?

If you download reports automatically or your system ingests manually downloaded reports, you will need to validate your integration in order to ensure the new version of the reports continues to be successfully ingested.

Leveraging new technology to generate reports can result in minor differences. As such, your system processing these reports may need to be reconfigured in order to ensure you continue to correctly ingest them.

What can I do to ensure a smooth migration?

It’s important to internally review your integration in order to identify the steps you need to take, if any, so that these reports continue being properly processed by your system. 

The change logs and generic sample files included below can help you to timely assess if adjustments in your system set-up are required.

Report name

Change log

Generic sample file*

3D Secure Authentication Report

Click here

Click here

3D Secure Conversion Report

Click here

Click here

Offer Details Report

Click here

Click here

*Please note that the shared sample files are generic files. This means that column ordering will likely be different compared to your own setup.

What are change logs?

A change log is a detailed explanation of the required changes performed on a report’s layout or formatting in order to successfully transition it into our new report generation system . Each change log contains a complete list of the changes that were applied to the new version of each report. 

We strongly recommend that you review the change logs to assess if adjustments in your system set-up are required.