Why are certain field values masked in Webhook event logs?

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Our webhook event logs allow customers to easily view the past 7 days of webhook events for their integration. These logs can be accessed in the Customer Area under the Developers section (Developers -> Event logs).

Webhook events from Adyen may contain sensitive information depending on the integration type. Examples of sensitive information include:

  • Risk data
  • Booking date
  • Card details

Certain reference field values, like acquirerReference and networkTxReference, are also considered sensitive.

To protect sensitive data, Adyen masks the values of select fields when collecting logs for webhook events. This helps reduce the risk of accidentally exposing sensitive information to technical users. We carefully review each field in the request schema to identify and mask sensitive data before storing it long term.

By hiding sensitive data, we encourage technical users managing integrations with Adyen to utilize the webhook event logs, leading to an improved troubleshooting experience in the Customer Area.

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