Are there restrictions for Adyen Issuing cards?

Restrictions for Issuing

The restrictions that apply on Adyen Issuing cards depend on:

  • The KYC assessment will decide the baseline levels for the functionalities of Adyen Issuing cards such as the ATM withdrawal level, or the exchange of funds between balance accounts and instruments.
  • The set of transaction rules Adyen follows to manage risk as a platform.
  • Tailored transaction rules set by card partners using the risk engine. You can use our flexible risk engine for granular transaction rules tailored to card programs. The rules can be hard-block or score-based and can be applied to different account levels with various intervals. For example, maximum amount within a 7-day interval or hard-blocking on specific processing types.

Control the transactions of a card

To control or restrict the transactions a card can complete, you can create transaction rules based on the available rule restrictions offered by the Adyen risk engine.

Examples of available rule restrictions

  • Entry modes
  • Countries
  • Different currencies
  • Merchants
  • Processing type

Tip: Control spending and manage transaction rules in your Customer Area > Issuing.

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