Why are my 3DS payments not being completed?

Most of the issues we see in 3DS payments that are not being completed happen during the redirection from the (issuers) 3D authentication page back to your website. When payments are processed using 3DS1 authentication, shoppers are redirected to the issuing bank webpage to process with the authentication. During this type of payment, you need to make 2 requests to our endpoints in order to complete the payment flow. During the first request, you will provide the clients card detail information and in the second, the 3D authentication information.

At the points where the redirection from the issuers 3D authentication page back to your website, Adyen does not have visibility on the way the bank is providing the expected parameters (MD and PaRes) back to the merchants webstore, as this is outside of our network logging system. The expected fields should be passed on using a HTTP POST message to the returnUrl / TermUrl but sometimes this is not the case.

In order to help with the troubleshooting, please double check:

  • After the redirection from the bank to the webstore, are you receiving the MD and PaRes fields? Are they coming with HTTP POST or HTTP GET?
  • For those uncompleted payments, are you managing the second call to Adyen? What is the raw response you are getting from us?

In addition to this, in case this is the issuer bank is not providing the parameters due to technical issues on their side, you can always adjust the 3D requirements on Adyen side by making use of the Dynamic 3D secure tool.

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