How to submit your Adyen periodic review

Being a financial institution, Adyen is obligated to comply with international regulations. This includes performing periodic reviews to ensure that we have our customers’ most up-to-date legal entity and ownership information.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I access the review form?

  • Please click on the link provided by Adyen via emailUse your user account credentials to log in

How to fill in the review form?

  • Please fill in all the mandatory fields and click ‘Confirm Data’ in order to get to the next sections.
  • Please make sure to confirm all applicable sections:
    • Legal entity
    • Registered address of the company
    • Shareholder(s) (Applicable only if a natural person has 25% or more ownership. See terminology section below)
    • Director(s)
    • Signatory(ies)

What do the colors indicate in the review form?

  • Green: No changes have been made and the data is successfully confirmed
  • Orange: Changes have been successfully submitted and confirmed
  • Red: Not all changes have been submitted (you need to complete the missing fields in the corresponding section)