What does 'Insufficient balance on payment' mean?

Check the available balance of the transaction

If you receive the error insufficient balance on payment, when trying to modify an authorized amount, it means the balance is closed and it’s no longer possible to modify (e.g.. capture) the amount. 

For example, suppose you have an authorized transaction of 50$, and you wish to capture 60$. In that case, there’s not enough available balance, and you’ll receive an insufficient balance on payment response.

If you had tried to capture 40$ or 50$, then there is an available balance, and your request would proceed as desired.

Tip: Read more on refusal reasons and modification result lines.

Already captured transactions

The Insufficient balance on payment message could indicate that a second capture was attempted on a payment that has already been captured. If the funds were already captured the balance remaining on an authorised amount is closed and no further capture modification can be performed..

Potentially, this can be caused when the capture delay is set to immediate, meaning that authorized amounts are automatically and immediately captured. Therefore no further manual capture requests are required.

Tip: Find an automatic capture by the <auto> merchant reference in the Capture payment event on the payment details page of a transaction. 

Tip: Your endpoint, for which you receive webhook notifications, may also have accepted an event code CAPTURE (success: false, reason: Insufficient balance on payment), indicating that the second capture attempt was unsuccessful due to the funds being captured already. If the status of the payment is Settled then the payment was captured successfully, and no action is needed from your end.

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