What is Accelerated Sales Day Payout?

Accelerate Sales Day Payout

The Sales Day Payout default delay is location-dependent. Do you wish to be paid out faster? In this case, Accelerated Sales Day Payout may be the right product for you. With Accelerated Sales Day Payout, you can choose to be paid out faster than the default delay, at a cost.

Requesting Accelerate Sales Day Payout

Please follow the below steps:

  1. Log in to the Customer Area
  2. Go to Finance
  3. Go to Payout Model
  4. Select Change (top right corner)
  5. Follow the steps as indicated

Note: Accelerated Sales Day Payout requires approval from Adyen’s Treasury team and a signed Accelerated Sales Day Payout addendum. It may take 1-2 weeks before we can enable your merchant account on Accelerated Sales Day Payout.

Note: There are various reasons why Adyen is not (yet) able to approve your Accelerated Sales Day Payout request. Please refer to this article to read more on the rejection reasons.

Supported locations

Accelerated Sales Day Payout is subject to fees. Please find below an overview of the supported locations for Accelerated Sales Day Payout, including the default delays and availability of Accelerated Sales Day Payout. In case of any questions, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Note: locations that are not cited in the below table do not support Accelerated Sales Day Payout.

Supported location

Default delay (free option)

Accelerated SDP availability 


Australia, New Zealand, Singapore


Switzerland, Croatia, Denmark, Eurozone, Hungaria, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden, United Kingdom


United States, Canada


1 accelerated day (T+1)

2 accelerated days (T+0)


Hong Kong




1 accelerated day (T+2)

2 accelerated days (T+1)

3 accelerated days (T+0)




1 accelerated day (T+3)

2 accelerated days (T+2)

3 accelerated days (T+1)

4 accelerated days (T+0)



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