Franchisee can only add one payout account but they have multiple, what should we do?

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A merchant account can have one payout account

When filling out the application, it’s possible to add only one payout account per merchant account. For example:

  • A merchant account with 4 stores can only have 1 payout account.
  • A company account with 4 merchant accounts can have up to 4 payout accounts.



Existing legal entity function

If you have multiple stores under the same legal entity and want to have a payout account for each of them:

  1. Give to your point of contact the relevant information to create a new merchant account for each store.
  2. Once the first application is completed and submitted, it’s easy to fill out the other applications for the other merchant accounts. In the application form > Legal entity > Existing legal entity. It gives you the possibility to skip filling in the information about the legal entity and ownership.
  3. After selecting the existing legal entity option the only information you need to fill in are the details of the PA.


The branching function is used by the onboarding team when multiple stores are operating under the same legal entity (which means all legal entity details are the same).

Tip: It’s similar to the existing legal entity function, except that branching requires no action from your side.


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