How do Buy Now Pay Later payment methods work?


Buy Now, Pay Later payment methods allow shoppers to benefit from their purchase immediately, while paying it off at a later stage.


Usually shoppers start their payment process once the goods have been delivered. Merchants get paid once the capture of the transaction is performed.


These payment methods perform their own risk checks on the shopper in order to validate their “credit score”, thus it is important to provide as much shopper information as possible at the moment of payment.


Shoppers will be presented with a breakdown of their purchase information in an invoice. Therefore, the price and product of the purchased items must be included at the moment of payment.


The sendout of said invoice will be triggered with the capture request of the transaction. Please note that the capture behaviour of Buy Now, Pay Later payment methods varies. You may find more information in our Buy Now Pay Later documentation page.


Merchants receive the funds even when shoppers do not honour their invoices. Chargebacks can only occur if you didn't comply with the regulations of the partner, for example if you didn't ship the goods on time. These regulations may be found in our Customer Area on the top right notification icon.

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