Interchange++ is a type of pricing most commonly used in Europe and North America. It’s available for payments made through Visa and Mastercard, and offers more transparency than other pricing types by showing a more detailed breakdown of your costs.

How does Interchange++ work?

When a card transaction is processed through an acquirer, there are three different cost components.

  • The Interchange fee that goes to the bank that issued the card
  • The scheme fee that goes to Visa or Mastercard (first +)
  • The acquirer fee (second +)

How are these fees set?

Scheme fees and Interchange fees are driven by variables such as the card level; platinum or commercial; by country/region of merchant and the issuer; merchant segment; transaction type (online payments / POS payments), and many more.

The fees are set by the card schemes Visa and Mastercard and are regulated in some countries/regions.

Acquirer fees are set by Adyen and determined by monthly card volume, starting at 0.60% per transaction.

The average total fee of an Interchange++ transaction for consumer cards in Europe is 1%.

All exact fees can be found on your monthly invoice.

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