What is a SEPA Debit Notification?

The SEPA Direct Debit rulebook requires that you notify your customer every time you debit their account. You must send this notification at least one day before initiating the SEPA Direct Debit payment. To ensure that customers recognize the SEPA Direct Debit payment and don’t initiate a chargeback, we recommend including the following information as part of the debit notification to customers:

  • The last 4 digits of the customer's bank account.
  • The mandate identifier (sepadirectdebit.mandateId).
  • The amount to be charged.
  • The SEPA creditor identifier.
    • Adyen’s creditor identifier - NL48ZZZ342764500000. Or
    • Your own creditor identifier
  • The creditor name: Adyen N.V.
  • Your contact details.

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