How do I migrate to a new ecommerce platform?

Follow the integration guide

If you already have an Adyen account and are migrating to an ecommerce platform for which an Adyen plugin is available, follow the integration guide of the new plugin.

The integration guide can be hosted on our plugins documentation, on a partner’s website, or on the plugin’s Github.

When migrating to a new platform, you can either:

  • Use your existing merchant account
    This lets you skip reconfiguring your account settings. However, you might experience a short downtime when switching to the new platform.
  • Create a new merchant account
    This lets you go live without any downtime. However, you need to reconfigure all your account settings for the new merchant account.

Tip: In both cases, make sure you create a new webhook for the events from your new platform. We recommend keeping the old webhook active for receiving refund or capture events from your old platform.

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