What does the status of my chargeback mean?

Once a chargeback is raised, several statuses can be seen on the dispute details page of the Customer Area.

Chargeback status:


An active dispute is open on the transaction and you can upload documents to challenge the chargeback.


The chargeback is defended from your end and the bank is in the process of reviewing your defense material. They can either accept or decline your documents. The case will stay in the "Pending" stage until the timeframe to file a second chargeback has expired. From there, it can move to either won or lost.


The chargeback is defended from your end and the timeframe to file a second chargeback has expired (i.e. the bank has accepted your defense). This status is also shown when the chargeback is withdrawn by the shopper.


The chargeback is defended from your end, but the cardholder/ bank has declined the defense material and is continuing with a second chargeback, which is in most cases the final stage.

Please note: In some cases you may see the journal "DefenseMaterialUploadPeriodExpired". This journal line is used by Adyen for internal purposes and does not determine the outcome of the dispute. In practice, you can simply ignore the "DefenseMaterialUploadPeriodExpired" journal.


Dispute status:

Additionally, throughout the dispute process, the status of the transaction will let you know where it is in the dispute flow, and in time the outcome of your dispute.


Issuing bank has submitted a formal dispute on behalf of the cardholder. The disputed amount is withdrawn from your account. If you accept the dispute, or fail to upload your defense documents in time, this is the final stage.


You have submitted defense documents to challenge the dispute. Alternatively, Adyen has auto-defended the chargeback. Adyen receives the supporting documents and forwards them to the scheme for the issuing bank to review.


When you upload documents to challenge a dispute, chargeback status is set to ChargebackReversed while the case is up for review by the issuer. Until the dispute is finalized, the disputed amount is (temporarily) returned via a chargeback reversal.

ChargebackReversed stage is pending, not final until the timeframe where the issuing bank can raise a SecondChargeback has expired.

Depending on the scheme, a second chargeback can be exercised 45-60 days from the ChargebackReversed date.


If the issuing bank declines your defense, a second chargeback occurs. You can not upload defense documents. This is the final stage.


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