What is a dispute or chargeback?

Chargeback or dispute

A chargeback or dispute takes place when a customer disputes a payment and asks their issuing bank to reverse it.

To charge back the payment, the bank submits a formal dispute on behalf of the customer. Then, we process the chargeback and debit the payment amount and the processing fee from your account.

What happens when a customer disputes a charge?

You can accept or challenge the chargeback, once the dispute flow is started. If you challenge the chargeback, you'll be asked to provide documents to support your defense.

After reviewing your documents and the shopper’s claim, the issuing bank will accept or decline your defense. If the issuer accepts your defense, the funds will return to your account.

Note: if the shopper decides to cancel the chargeback, the funds will also return to your account.

What a chargeback fee is

A chargeback fee is an additional fee you're charged when your transaction changes to the Chargeback status.

Note: This is a quick summary of the dispute flow. Before defending a dispute, it’s important to understand the process, timeframes, and other possible stages of the dispute flow.

Tip: We can send you notifications of incoming disputes via system messages or you can monitor them from the Risk > Disputes section of your Customer Area.

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