How do I report a security incident?

Maintaining a secure platform for our customers

In an ever-changing landscape, engineering for ambition comes with risks. It’s inevitable that Adyen as a business will face different threat actors and potential disruptions. However, Adyen is prepared to deal with such situations thanks to our operational resilience and incident response readiness.

Maintaining availability of the Adyen platform and a secure environment for merchants and data is Adyen’s highest priority. To achieve the dual mandate of protecting (cardholder) data and preserving stability and reliability of services, Adyen implements an incident response framework that consists of a set of processes, technology and experts. It specifies actions, escalations, mitigation, resolution, and notification of any potential incidents impacting confidentiality, integrity, or availability of Adyen services.

If an incident is detected our highest priority is to resolve or mitigate any negative effects. We ensure that the appropriate teams, those who have the best toolset/knowledge, are involved as soon as possible.

Contact security

Adyen’s security team is available to answer merchants' specific questions or concerns. The initial contact must be done via Submitting a request to our Support team or your account manager.

The integration security guide

Follow best practices to reduce security risks.

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