Rollout of New Pix T+1 Payout Flow for PixIndirect starting May 8th, 2023

April 19, 2023 12:44

Starting on May 8th, 2023, Adyen will begin the transition to a new payout flow for Pix. This new Pix payout flow introduces faster payouts for a subset of Pix processed payments on the Adyen platform. This is scheduled to be completed by July 2023.

These changes impact ONLY the acquirer PixIndirect. The fallback (acquirer: Pix) won’t be changed and you will receive the funds from the fallback (acquirer: Pix) on the same flow as today (BR_Adyen), in the T+2 schedule.  

Why does Adyen introduce this change?

Adyen is improving the reconciliation flow for Pix for better stability and to be able to payout Pix funds in the T+1 schedule.

Why is Adyen doing the migration starting from May 2023 and ending in July 2023?

In order to monitor for stability, the migration is going to be done in phases.

How will payouts change?

Payouts will be performed via a Pix transfer replacing the current payout transfer received via TED bank transfer. Payouts will be performed in the T+1 schedule and occur around 21:00 BRT. This is an improvement from the previous T+ 2 payout schedule. 

The description of the transfer on your bank statement is going to depend on your bank. We are including in an additional field the description: ADYEN DO BRASIL PIX INDIRECT, but we can’t control where this is going to be shown by your bank.

How will reporting change?

A separate Settlement Detail Report (SDR) will be generated for each payout with "BR_Adyen_Pix_Bank" in its name. In the new SDR's Settlement Flow column, you will receive "BR_Adyen_Pix_Bank" information. 

Where can I see exactly the changes that are going to happen?

You can check on the screenshots below comparing how the name of the Settlement Detail Report was and how it is going to be.

Before the change:

As of May 8th, 2023 after the change: