Updates on the monthly finance report

Updates on the monthly finance report

The monthly finance report (MFR) will be migrated on February 1, 2023 to our new data platform and there are some updates on its structure.

Note: All merchants will be migrated to the new report.

The new report comes with some updates to the report structure in the form of new tabs, removed hidden tabs and some of the aggregated metrics will be moved to other tabs. We’re also reducing the number of journal types shown in the report to simplify reconciliation.

Tip: We now support XLSX format in addition to XLS.

Structure changes




Merchant Payout Details

No changes (except of journal type changes listed below)


Month Opening Balance

End of month balance

Opening Balance tab

Closing Balance tab


Changes applyfor all fee register types (e.g. MarkupBulk)

No changes (except of journal type changes listed under Mutations)

CapturedBulk (RefundedBulk) - register

BulkSettlement - journal

Captured (Refunded) - register

SentForSettle(SentForRefund) - journal

CapturedBulk - register SettledBulk (RefundedBulk) - journal

Captured - register

SentForSettle or Settled (SentForRefund or Refunded) - Journal

CapturedSdpOffset - register
SettledScheduled - journal

Captured - register
SentForSettle or Settled (SentForRefund or Refunded) - Journal

XasPayoutRelease - journal

For Commission, Interchange, Markup and SchemeFees register

Settled - journal

Counts correspond to Payable register settled journal counts.

PayoutRelease - journals

Settled journals - except of CapturedSdpOffset register

Payment Method Breakdown

Payment Method Performance

Turnover by Payment Method

Payment Method Breakdown Month

Payment Method Turnover

Hidden Tabs



Removed and now in Mutations.

Monthly Overview, Payment balance, Open balances, Configuration, ExchangeRates, SelectionCriteria, and Glossary

No changes


  1. Do my other reports still align with the MFR?
    Both your payment accounting report (PAR) and settlement SDR still align with the sales and payouts reported in our MFR.
  2. Can I generate older MFRs as the new version?
    All MFRs starting from February 2023 will be generated using the new template. You’ll be able to generate older reports in the new format by re-generating the reports for those months through your Customer Area.
  3. Can I move back to the old version?
    It’s not possible to move back to the old version but we’re happy to help with finding the information you need. Please share your feedback with Merchant Finance & Treasury.
  4. When will all MFRs be only available as the new version?
    Starting February 2023.
  5. Why are some of the previous sheets removed from the new version?
    To simplify the report all data previously available within the BulkSettlement and SalesDayPayout sheets have been consolidated into the Mutations tab with fewer journal types.
  6. Is the Installments based version for the LATAM region of the MFR affected by these changes?
    The Installments version of the MFR will remain unchanged for now.

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