How does Giving work?

Giving streamlines your financial operations by treating purchase transactions and giving transactions as distinct processes:

  • Purchase transactions: The payments you make for goods or services.

  • Giving transactions: The additional donations payment to a charitable organization.

This separation simplifies reconciliation and reporting, creating a smoother and more efficient experience for both you and your customers.

The Benefits of Transaction Separation

Flow chart

When purchase transactions are kept separate from giving transactions:

  • There's no need to untangle combined purchase and donation amounts.

  • There's no need to deposit the donation amounts into your merchant account.

  • Your regular financial reporting remains unaffected.

  • Your finance team isn't burdened with the management of charitable contributions.

  • Your customers can see exactly where their donations are going, making the process transparent.

In essence, by separating transactions, we make your accounting and reporting tasks straightforward and hassle-free.