Add additional fees for a premium payment experience

To further expand your payment offering, consider charging for a premium payment experience, such as alternative payment methods,

instant settlement options, where you can easily charge either a fixed fee or a % for faster settlement (most common in the US),

or offering features like tipping on POS terminals, which is not only good for the environment (up to 80% less receipts to print), saves printing costs (as you save thermal paper), but also eliminates all operational headache and potential liability of figuring out handwritten tips. 

Good to know: while in Anglo-Saxon countries it's very common to choose a % of the total amount (see screenshot on the left below), other countries and customers may find this option foreign. Adyen’s solution for this is called indirect tipping. Instead of being prompted with the % options, the customer can input a total amount they would like to pay (price + their tip amount), usually a rounded amount (see screenshot on the right). This is very common in the EU (excluding the UK) and Nordics. Enabling this feature is easy and your account manager is happy to help to set this up for your business. 

These are some examples of adding additional fees to your monetization strategy, others include fees for PCI security, 24/7 support or settlement fees. 

It’s worth knowing, though, that most successful platforms do not charge for premium features like tipping, but rather sell it within their integrated payment suite.