Besides core payment processing, we see that major SaaS platforms gain sizable revenue contribution by charging a (monthly) fee for payments hardware. The monthly price per terminal varies typically by country, industry, use case, terminal type and amortization / CLT value.

We see that different terminals work for different industries. 

While baristas and coffee shops prefer typically our mobile no-frills NYC 1 or AMS1 solution to process transactions in a speedy way, hospitality platforms prefer the Android device S1E or our bestseller S1F2 as these devices are made for the POS running on them. Compared to the NYC1 and AMS1 series, these devices give platforms a bigger screen and development potential for their own POS on the screen. Features like Pay@Table complement the use case for hospitality.  

Platforms that work mostly with retailers in the US tend to choose our Verifone P400 or M400 series as users choose for the larger screen option to display loyalty information or simply engage with their shoppers while packing purchased goods. Together with Apple’s Tap to Pay on iPhone (no additional payment terminal needed) it could be a great way to offer an all-around mobile as well as a multimedia countertop customer experience. 

In summary, there’s no silver bullet, but good news is Adyen caters to all different industries and use cases out there. It's worth discussing with your account manager as your trusted advisor to pick the terminal that works best for your user segment.