Don’t show any price on your website

If you're unsure about your target audience and the different payment behavior of your users, it may be a good strategy to not show any price at all. Instead, ask your users to reach out, ask for input on transaction size, amount or, country mix and then come up with custom pricing (either blend or IC++). 

In summary, there are plenty of pricing options and it really depends on many factors what the right option is for your business. We suggest the following steps to come to the right pricing strategy:

  1. Understand the goal of offering an integrated payment solution to users. For example, is the goal to accelerate sales of your core product or add a new margin driver?

  2. Understand the added value of offering this payments solution to your users. Whats the added value? Why would your users want this? What payment methods and enhancements do they value most and does this differ per user segment?

  3. Get to know your competition. Understand how unique your are positioned compared to alternatives that your users have. How unique is offering payments with your core product? Who are you competing against? What does your competition do and how do they price their services?

  4. Determine the willingness to pay. If possible, assess what your users are willing to pay for an integrated payments solution.

  5. Define the pricing strategy, taking your other paid services into consideration. For example, do you want to change the existing pricing for users that choose your integrated payments solution?

  6. Decide on the pricing method. Which price method do you want to offer cards: blend or IC++?

  7. Define default pricing. Which services do you want your users to pay for? Which markup do you want to charge on which services?

  8. (Optional) Define conditions. For which user segments or under which conditions do you want to offer what pricing?

  9. Evaluation your pricing. Evaluate your default pricing and discounts: what will different users pay? Is this in line with the value your bring? In this in line with the goal (If not, fine tune your pricing)? What are your own profit margins, considering the cost of payments?

Determining pricing is important, but equally important is how you package and market your (new) payment solution. This will be part of our next chapter.