Creating a brand identity for your payments

Consider creating a brand identity for your payments offering. When working with Adyen, your brand is always front and center to your users which means you can leverage our global leading financial technology platform while leveraging your own brand and incorporating a payments offering to your already existing product suite. We offer a complete white-label solution where there is no need to show Adyen to your users. 

Most of the leading SaaS Platforms have an established payments branding that can help convey trust and build momentum for a go to market.

Examples include:

  • Lightspeed¬†

  • Toast¬†

  • Shopify¬†

  • Wix¬†

  • Mews¬†

  • Ticketmaster¬†

  • Tessitura Merchant Services

  • KodyPay

  • ZenotiPayments