Marketing Toolkit for Platforms | Positioning Guidelines 

Welcome This marketing toolkit is designed to help you promote your new embedded payments offering. It contains messaging advice and guidelines as a starting point for your marketing efforts.

We recommend sharing this toolkit with commercial teams tasked with building awareness and adoption of your new embedded payments offering

How to position your new embedded payments solution

The following guidelines are designed to help you position your solution in a way that keeps your brand front and center, with Adyen as your technology partner.

Branding- Do’s & Don’ts


Create a name for your new payments offering

Helps to position your payment offering as an extension of your brand

If you also offer referrals to PSPs via your platform, it helps to make a distinction between your two payment offerings e.g. referral vs. in-house offering.

✔ Position Adyen as your technology partner

Make it clear to your users what role your platform plays vs. the role Adyen plays in delivering your payment offering.


Co-brand your offering with Adyen

The embedded solution you’ve selected is intended to be fully branded by your platform.

Co-branding with Adyen can cause confusion with your users. Please avoid using ‘powered by Adyen’ or any other mention of Adyen next to the name of your payments offering.

Link out to the Adyen web as an info source

The information provided on the Adyen website is relevant for direct merchants of Adyen. 

Do not link to Adyen’s support, docs or product pages to ensure the best user experience.

Messaging- Do’s & Don’ts

Right way

Introducing your new offering

[Your Platform] launches [name of payment offering]

E.g. " launched NowPay"

Why is it right?

We recommend positioning your new payments offering as an extension of your brand. Creating a name for your offering helps to create a strong and recognizable offering among your platform users

Supporting statement

[Your Platform] will extend its service offering to include an integrated payments solution enabling your users to manage all their payment needs within [Your Platform environment]. [Users] can now expect the same great level of service and support for their payment needs

Why is it right? 

We recommend making it clear what role your brand plays vs. Adyen in delivering a payment solution to your users

Wrong way

Introducing your new offering

[Platform payment offering] powered by Adyen [Your Platform] and Adyen launch integrated payments solution

Why is it wrong?

Co-branding with Adyen can cause confusion with your users about who has the commercial relationship with them 

Supporting statement

Adyen and [Your Platform] launch an integrated payment solution for [your Platform’s users]. To find out more about our new payment integration check out the Adyen website.

Why is it wrong?

This approach could be easily confused as a referral to Adyen rather than the payments service being delivered by your platform. Please do not link to the Adyen’s support, docs or product pages to ensure the best user experience.


If you would like to include more detailed information about Adyen, we recommend including a FAQ section on your dedicated landing page for your new payments offering.

Question: Who is Adyen?

Answer: Adyen (AMS: ADYEN) is the financial technology platform of choice for leading companies. By providing end-to-end payments capabilities, data-driven insights, and financial products in a single global solution, Adyen helps businesses achieve their ambitions faster. With offices around the world, Adyen works with the likes of Facebook, Uber, H&M, eBay, and Microsoft.

Question: Why did your platform partner with Adyen?

Answer: By leveraging Adyen’s leading payments technology and global licenses [Insert your platform name] is able to simplify and enhance the payment experience for our [insert user type], all within our existing platform.

Question: Do I contact your platform or Adyen for support?

Answer: Always contact [your platform] for support. Adyen is our technology partner and won’t be able to provide support to you.