Marketing Toolkit for Platforms | Case Study Brief How to create a case study that drives user adoption of your embedded payment solution.

Intended User of this Brief: Platform 

Case Study Objective: The objective of this case study is to showcase the benefits and success experienced by one of your users through your platform's embedded payment solution. This case study will serve as a tool and proof point to drive adoption of your payment solution among other users. Case Study Target Audience: Existing users of your platform you would like to convert to using your in-house payment solution for their business.

Note: This brief provides a high-level overview of the case study structure. The actual content, design, and formatting should be customized based on the specific requirements and branding of your platform.

Case Study Components:

Title: [User name x Platform payment solution name] Subtitle: [Call out the key benefit this case study addresses]


  • Briefly introduce your platform and its in-house payment solution.

  • Highlight the importance of a reliable and efficient payment system for businesses.

User Background:

  • Provide an overview of the featured platform user’s business.

  • Include relevant details such as industry, size, location, and years of operation.

  • Mention any challenges or pain points they faced with their previous payment solution.

The Problem:

  • Describe the specific payment-related challenges the user encountered.

  • Explain how these challenges impacted their business operations, growth, and customer satisfaction.

Your Solution:

  • Introduce your in-house payment solution and its key features.

  • Explain how your solution addresses the user's challenges.

  • Emphasize the benefits and advantages your solution provides over other payment solutions in the market.

Implementation Process:

  • Describe the steps taken to implement your payment solution within the user's business.

  • Highlight any customization or integration efforts required.

  • Include any technical details or considerations that were relevant.

Impact and Reasons to Believe:

  • Present measurable results and key metrics achieved after adopting our payment solution.

  • Showcase the positive impact on the user's business operations, revenue, customer satisfaction, and growth.

  • Include testimonials or quotes from the user expressing their satisfaction and success.


  • Summarize the benefits and success experienced by the user through your in-house payment solution.

  • Reiterate the importance of adopting your solution for other users.

  • Include a call-to-action encouraging potential users to explore our payment solution further.

Visual Elements:

  • Incorporate relevant images or screenshots demonstrating the user interface of your payment solution.

  • Include graphs or charts to illustrate data and performance improvements.

Distribution Strategy:

  • Outline how the case study will be distributed and shared with potential users.

  • Mention specific marketing channels such as website, email campaigns, social media, and sales presentations.

Case Study Content Guide 

Checklist of key USPs that it’s essential the case study covers:

  • E.g Revenue generation

  • E.g Optimization of customer experience 

  • E.g Improved operational efficiency 

Suggested questions to platform user:

  • How would you describe your business?

  • How do you support your customers?

  • How does [platform] help [platform user] deliver better customer experiences?

  • Why are payments important to [platform user] and your customers?

  • Why did you decide to adopt [platform payment solution]?

  • What did your payments look like BEFORE working with [platform payment solution]?

  • How has working with [platform payment solution] impacted your customer experience?

  • How has working with [platform payment solution] impacted your business operations?

  • How has [platform] supported [platform user] with the change of payment solution?

Checklist of key data proof points or quotes that it’s essential the case study includes:

  • E.g % Revenue uplift

  • E.g % Saved time and resources