Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge version 21 and below End-of-Support

November 16, 2023 09:03

We have updated our Supported Versions strategy to facilitate frequent releases and predictable support lifecycle. As part of it, after careful consideration and evaluation, we are phasing out cartridge support and maintenance for cartridge versions from v18.0.0 up to 21.2.0 (inclusive) this year.

We recommend an upgrade of your cartridge to the latest supported versions by Adyen.

Support Changes Explanation and Deadlines

What support can merchants expect for SFCC cartridge versions up to v21.2.0 after December 31st, 2023?

After December 31st, 2023, the level of support specifically related to SFCC cartridge versions up to v21.2.0 will be reduced. This means that the extent of assistance and coverage provided by Adyen Support for these specific cartridge versions will be limited compared to the support offered before the deadline.

The support service for SFCC cartridge versions up to v21.2.0 will be scaled down from Level 1 to Level 3 following the public schedule. See below the break down what each level includes:



Level 1 Support

Inquiries about cartridge versions and compatibility.

Configuration of API connection to Adyen platform.

Support for configuring payment methods on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud side.

Compatibility of the cartridge with third-party modules.

Level 2 Support

Assistance with payment status inquiries within the Salesforce Commerce Cloud environment.

Help in resolving payment notification issues that may arise.

Support for resolving any issues caused by customizations introduced into the plugin.

Assistance with any problems encountered during the cartridge upgrade process.

Provision of patches and solutions for minor and major bugs in the cartridge.

Level 3 Support

Help in addressing and resolving security vulnerabilities found in the cartridge.

Support for issues and inquiries related to cartridge security via Github.

It's important to note that after the deadline, any requests or questions related to unsupported cartridge versions will be considered custom integrations. As a merchant using an unsupported cartridge version, you will be responsible for maintaining, fixing bugs, and implementing new features for your custom integration.

Overall, the reduced support levels mean that the focus of Adyen's support efforts will shift towards future-proof SFCC architectures, and the level of assistance for specific unsupported cartridge versions will be limited to certain critical aspects outlined in the different support levels.

What are the end-of-support dates for specific cartridge versions?

The planned end-of-support dates for the mentioned versions are as follows:

Version 18 - 19

September 30th, 2023

Version 20 - 21

December 31st, 2023

How will this support change affect Adyen payments processing on the cartridge?

This change will NOT impact payment processing on the cartridge. 

How will this support change affect general Adyen Support?

Adyen payments customer support will remain unaffected. When you contact the Adyen Support team, they will process your support tickets in a regular manner. The following topics fall within the scope of Adyen Payments support:

  • Payment status in Adyen side / order status

  • Payment processing in Adyen

  • Set-up of Adyen payment method in Adyen Customer Area

  • Webhook, API Configuration on Adyen Customer Area

  • Customer onboarding on Adyen

  • Performance of Adyen APIs

  • Adyen Customer Area questions

  • Financial inquiries

  • Risk inquiries

  • Communications regarding security vulnerabilities discovered on Adyen products

Communication of Security Vulnerabilities

We are committed to promptly communicating security vulnerabilities identified in our products or originating from third-party applications or dependencies to our merchants. Our goal is to keep you well-informed, enabling you to implement necessary changes to address these vulnerabilities.

Recommended Action

What is the recommended action for merchants on SFRA architecture?

Merchants on SFRA architecture are advised to upgrade to the latest cartridge version.

What is the recommended action for merchants on SiteGenesis architecture?

Merchants on SiteGenesis are advised to upgrade to v22.2.2. No new SiteGenesis features have been released in later versions.

What happens to Adyen Payments Support after the deadline?

Adyen payments support will continue to be available for all merchants, regardless of their integration, even after the changes to SFCC cartridge support. Any questions related to the Adyen platform, Adyen in-house products, or other Adyen-related inquiries can be directed to our Adyen Support team.

PCI DSS Compliance Obligations.

No changes to PCI DSS obligations  as long as card processing is not customized during the maintenance process. All current LIVE SFCC merchants must renew their PCI DSS compliance annually if they accept credit cards. 

SFCC cartridge v19 and above has built-in PCI-compliant client-side solution to securely collect and encrypt sensitive card information. As long as your SFCC payment cartridge continues sending encrypted card data to Adyen, there will be no change in the scope of PCI DSS compliance after the scale down of cartridge support for v18-v21. However, if merchants customize the way the card data is processed by the cartridge, the scope of compliance might change. See more about validating your PCI compliance.

Upgrading and Support Timeline

Do merchants have to upgrade before the deadline?

While it is recommended to upgrade the cartridge to supported versions before the deadline, it is not mandatory for payment processing. 

What if merchants plan to upgrade the cartridge after the deadline?

Merchants can plan the cartridge upgrade after the deadline, but they should avoid introducing any changes into the cartridge after the support deadline and until the upgrade date. This helps to prevent errors or bugs to be introduced by new pieces of code. As soon as you start upgrading to the supported cartridge version, the Adyen cartridge support team will assist with the upgrade process and testing if needed.

Is Adyen payments support available 24/7?

Yes, Adyen payments support is available to all our customers, regardless of their integration, 24/7.

Is it mandatory to upgrade from SiteGenesis to SFRA in order to keep using Adyen?

Merchants do not have to upgrade from SiteGenesis to SFRA to continue receiving Adyen payments support after November 2024. General Adyen payments support will still be available. Payment processing on SiteGenesis will not be affected by changes in cartridge support. However, any questions related to SiteGenesis or custom integration between Adyen and SiteGenesis won't be supported after the deadline.

Upgrading Above Cartridge Version 22.2.2 on SiteGenesis Platform

It is not recommended to upgrade above cartridge version 22.2.2 on the SiteGenesis platform, since it's the last cartridge version with new features that has been built by Adyen and made compatible with SiteGenesis architecture. Upgrading to a version above 22.2.2 will require you to handle cartridge support and maintenance, as this integration will be considered custom 

What are the benefits of investing in upgrading the payments cartridge?

  • Achieve higher conversion rates with new Adyen payment methods and improved shopper experience,

  • Get higher authorisation rates with updated Adyen APIs, packaged in the cartridge,

  • Continue benefiting from ongoing cartridge support,

  • Timely upgrades is a subscription to innovation: a native 3DS2 flow, compatibility with Salesforce Order Management System, improved cartridge maintainability and much more.

Please visit our Release notes to see features and fixes introduced in newer versions.

Recommended Way to Upgrade SFCC Cartridge

1. Confirm the cartridge version and Salesforce architecture you are using.

  • Go to Customer Area

  • Choose your merchant account connected to SFCC cartridge

  • Go to “Transactions > Payments”

  • Click on any PSP number of any transaction and scroll down to ‘Application Info” to view your cartridge version and Salesforce architecture version (Sitegenesis or SFRA).

  • If the cartridge version is below 21.2.0, this change affects you.

2. Separate your cartridge customizations from the existing cartridge to make the upgrade process easier and preserve your unique shopper experience.

3. Download and install the latest version of the cartridge based on your Salesforce Commerce Cloud architecture (SFRA or SiteGenesis).

4. After the upgrade, perform a test transaction and check if your configuration remains correct. Use our test card numbers for testing. If you face any issues, follow our troubleshooting guide or reach out to our Support team.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please visit Adyen Help.