Do I have to integrate 3DS2 if I have a working 3DS1 integration?

If you are using our Checkout SDKs, HPP, Plugins, or APIs with 3D Secure 1 integration, you are already PSD2 SCA-compliant and you don't need to do anything. You can also already support 3D Secure 2 through the same redirect authentication.

We also have existing solutions to support 3D Secure 2 authentication natively within your app or payment form. This will enable a frictionless flow in which the acquirer, issuer, and card scheme exchange all necessary information in the background through passive authentication using the shopper's device fingerprint. The transaction is completed without further shopper interaction. If you decide to implement native 3D Secure 2 authentication in addition to your 3D Secure 1 integration, refer to our 3D Secure implementation options.

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