Why was an account holder suspended?

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Inactive account holder status

As payment industry regulations require, account holders must pass within a deadline verification checks to process and pay out funds.

  • If we don’t receive the information within 30 days after request, the account holder status will be changed to Inactive and the payouts will be temporarily stopped. You can still update the account holder data to proceed with the verification.
  • 42 days after the account holder status was set to Inactive, the account holder status will be Suspended. Upon suspension, the available balance of the account holder will be refunded and updating account holder information is no longer possible.

Tip: When an account holder is suspended, make sure to hide or remove the account holder from your platform to prevent processing of funds.


Change the status from Suspended to Inactive

You can unsuspend an account holder, which will change their status from Suspended to Inactive, allowing you to update their information and continue with the verification. An account holder can be unsuspended via the Customer Area or an API request.

Unsuspending an account holder resets the deadline, and they have 42 more days to provide information before they’re suspended again. Account holders can be unsuspended as many times as needed.

Note: Account holders can only be unsuspended if they didn’t fail any verification checks. A check status is set to Failed when Adyen found reasons to refuse working with this entity.

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