Customer Area

Discover your payments control center and optimize your processes.

An illustration of a chart bar used for the Adyen Customer Area.

What you'll learn

  • Everyday admin and tasks

  • Risk and dispute management

  • Understanding your transactions

  • Adyen’s account structure

  • Key financial reports

Who is this for

Everyone who uses the Adyen portal whether they work for existing or new merchants.

By the end

By the time it’s over you should feel a whole lot more comfortable navigating the Customer Area on a day-to-day basis. This webinar will be held by an Adyen expert and will take one hour including a live Q&A at the end.

Meet our experts

Media: MTS - JordanSmith

Jordan Smith

Account Manager, Adyen

Media: MTS - DelaneyOlivierHand

Delaney Olivier Hand

Account Manager, Adyen

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