How do I reconcile the balances between my accounts?

Reconcile balances between accounts

You can generate the BalancePlatform Balance report in two ways: on a schedule, or manually within the Balance Platform Customer Area. This report displays the balances of all Balance Accounts on your platform. When viewing the report, you’ll find that the fund flow for a Balance account is determined by the difference between the balances at two specific time points.

If you need to reconcile Balance Accounts, follow these steps: compare the fund flow for an account within a specific time period in both the BalancePlatform Balance report and the Balance Platform Accounting Report.

Determine fund flow

  • BalancePlatform Balance report: In this report, the fund flow for an account is determined by calculating the balance difference at two specific time points.
  • Balance Platform Accounting Report: This report calculates the fund flow by finding the difference between an account’s aggregated amounts in the Balance (BC) column, corresponding to the two time points.

Note: You can generate the report in the timezone configured for your platform, or in Central European Time (CET).

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