How do I create and onboard account holders?

Create account holders

When processing payments with Adyen for platforms, you create, onboard and structurally have account holders.

Account holders can only be created through the API, using the Platform:

ws_[123456]@BalancePlatform.[YourPlatformAccount] credentials.

Tip: Learn how to create account holders.

Onboard account holders

After you create an account holder, you’ll need to collect additional information from the account holders for verification checks. This can either be done using your own onboarding implementation using the API or redirect the account holder to Adyen’s hosted onboarding page.

We recommend using Adyen’s hosted onboarding page to complete the onboarding process. This requires less implementation efforts on your side and account holders can send the necessary information directly to Adyen.


Tip: Customizations are available to change the look and feel of the hosted onboarding page.

Tip: Alternatively, you can create your own custom onboarding flow.

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