How can my account holder be paid?

Payouts in card

If your account holder has a positive balance, they can be paid out to an eligible Mastercard or Visa debit card using Adyen’s API.

Send payouts to cards

  1. Check if the card is eligible for payouts and save the card details by submitting a /payments request with your account holder’s card details. Include the merchantAccount, shopperReference, enablePayOut, and paymentMethod parameters in your request.
  2. Add a card as payout method by submitting an /updateAccountHolder request. Include the shopperReference and recurringDetailReference parameters in your request.
  3. Submit a card payout using the /payoutAccountHolder endpoint.

Payouts in bank account

If your account holder has a positive balance, they can be paid out to their bank account manually via API or using Adyen’s scheduled payouts.

With scheduled payouts, you don’t need to handle the complexity when it comes to deciding when and how much should be paid out to your account holder. All available funds on the account holder’s account will be paid out according to the defined payout schedule.

With manual payouts, payouts to the account holder’s bank account can be triggered via a /payoutAccountHolder request. Manual payouts give you the flexibility to trigger payouts for a part or the entire available balance to bank accounts or eligible cards anytime.

Note: Payouts can be performed only if a payout method for the currency in which the funds are collected has been provided and payouts are allowed.

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