How can I publish a skin to live?

Publish a skin to live

  1. Ensure the live HMAC secret is set up correctly in the skin.
  2. Log in to your Customer Area.
  3. Go to Zendesk > Skins > [select your skin] > Publish.
  4. Select Publish to Live.
  5. If successful, the message Successfully copied the skin from Test to Live will be displayed.

Note: You have to publish it to live every time you make a change in TEST.

You need to configure the skin in the test environment before you publish it to live. When you publish a skin to live, a copy of the test skin is created in the live environment. This doesn’t change any settings.

Tip: Learn more on how to publish a skin to live.

Note: The Hosted Payment Pages (HPP) integration is being deprecated. Find out more about the timeline and necessary actions.

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