Why has a Sofort transaction been settled twice?

Sofort double settlements

Due to an issue external to Adyen, a small number of Sofort payments have been settled twice and the shopper has seen double bookings on their bank statement. You can recognize these payments in the Customer Area when a single PSP Reference has two events for Settled or SettledAcquirer. These double bookings had to be manually corrected.

On December 5th, 2023, we implemented a technical improvement which performs additional monitoring on these cases and automatically reverts double bookings. The shoppers will be reimbursed within 5 business days and no further action from your end is needed. When a shopper reaches out to you about a double booking from Sofort, we recommend to inform them that the additional charge will be reversed automatically. You do not need to perform a refund, nor to inform Adyen’s Support team for it to be resolved.

Note: This is caused by an external issue, therefore, we cannot prevent double bookings with Sofort payments from happening. However, we are confident that this recent improvement will help reduce the inconvenience for your shopper.