How to use the Sales Day Pay Out dashboard in Essentials

See all sales and payouts

The Sales to Payout Dashboard, in Finance can be used to see all sales and payouts made by that merchant in a specific time frame.

  1. Log in to Essentials.
  2. Go to Finance > Sales Day Payout dashboard.


Sales shows all sales and refunds made during a selected time frame. By selecting a bar, you can find for a selected time period:

  • All payable batches
  • If they’ve been paid out
  • How many sales and refunds took place
  • An overview per payment method.

Tip: If you can’t see any bars, no sales were made during that period.


Payout shows all information regarding payouts. The bars represent all payouts made during a selected time frame. By clicking on a bar you can see which batches were paid out and what the batch consists of (if it includes deposit corrections, reserve adjustments, Invoice deductions or anything that is not a sale or refund).

Tip: With Payouts you can download the settlement detail report for the payable batch of that day.

Extra tips

  • The dashboard shows sales and payouts in currencies that have a current active payout account.
  • If multiple currencies are processed, you can select the currency you want to see.
  • You can download the bank instruction letter as confirmation of the processed payout.
  • The timezone of sales is based on CE(S)T time.

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