How to download the Franchisor onboarding report?

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Keep track of franchisee accounts

You can have an overview of franchisee onboarding status with the franchisor onboarding report. There are 4 different statuses you might encounter:

  • InReview: We’re reviewing the provided data.
  • Unsuccessful: There’s an issue with the provided and changes are needed.
  • PreLive:The account is ready to go live.
  • Live: The account is live and processes payments.

Download the franchisor onboarding report

  1. Log in to the Customer Area.
  2. Select Reports > Account.
  3. Select one of the reports you can use as a franchisor:
  • Merchant account and stores: shows all PreActive and Active merchant accounts from the particular company merchant account.
  • Merchant boarding status: presents an account status that’s still on prospect, such as InvitationSent (Migration Flow specific), InReview, Unsuccessful. If the merchant account is on drafts, this status won’t show on this report.
  • Onboarding error report: shows all merchant accounts in Unsuccessful status, together with all the KYC errors present on the various KYC checks.
  • Onboarding interactive report: available in your Customer Area, where the admin user of the company account can filter their interests in terms of statuses and errors.

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