What is the difference between Customer Area and Essentials?

Customer Area and Essentials

Both Customer Area and Essentials are interfaces with which you can manage disputes, payment, and much more. Essentials, however, is a simplified version of the Customer Area with more limited functionalities.

Essentials is more of a helpful operational tool for straightforward tasks like refunding a transaction, where Customer Area offers a broader range of options.

Currently, the following features from the Customer Area are enabled in Essentials:

  • A simple, self-explanatory navigation.
  • List of disputes & the ability to upload defense documentation.
  • Downloadable reports (e.g., Settlement Detail Report, Aggregate Settlement Report).
  • Terminal fleet manager (e.g., seeing which terminals are online/offline).
  • Overview of stores and the terminals associated with them.
  • Request for a bank account change.
  • List of users and invitations attached to each.
  • List of payments (including payment search, payment details side panel and refunding).

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