Why is my Franchisee's bank account rejected?

Reasons an bank account might be rejected

  • The bank details weren’t be verified: It’s possible incorrect bank details were submitted. For example the bank isn’t accepted in the franchisee’s country/region or the bank name didn’t match the one on the document.
  • The provided details didn’t match the document: It’s possible certain details weren’t matching the ones included in the document you provided. For example, the legal entity, or account number didn’t exactly match the document.
    Note: There can be exceptions to the legal entity name. The Doing Business As (DBA) name can be on the bank document instead of the legal entity name, provided we have official proof the DBA is directly connected to the legal entity. Furthermore, the presence (or absence) of an acronym denoting the nature of the business (e.g “LLC” or “PTY LTD '') on either the input or the document won’t render the check invalid. Straightforward abbreviations can also be accepted (e.g: “Mike” for “Michael”)
  • The bank document submitted didn’t meet requirements
    • The account holder name or account number isn’t visible on the document.
    • The document is dated longer than 12 months before the date of upload.
      Tip: Cheques and RiBs don’t require a date.
    • The document doesn’t show an official logo, stamp or signature of the bank.
    • The type of document isn’t acceptable on our side. We accept bank statements, bank-issued communication, online interfaces of banking environment (screenshot or photo), cheques including security features, deposit tickets. Direct deposit forms can only be accepted with a stamp/signature from the bank.
    • The document provided contains sensitive information such as pictures of bank cards.

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