How can I refund a donation?

Refunding a donation

Donations made through Adyen Giving are processed directly into your nonprofit partners’ account and are under their responsibility. The terms of refunds should be made clear in the terms and conditions visible on your online platform or prominently displayed near payment terminals in-store.

Note: While it may be standard policy to refuse refund requests, there may be occasions where a refund is necessary or appropriate, such as in the case of a mistaken donation. If such a situation arises, please let your customer look up information about their donation through Adyen’s website and advise that they send an email to, including the PSP reference.

How chargeback impact donations

Donations via credit cards might occasionally face chargebacks. Adyen covers all donation chargeback costs. This ensures that 100% of donations reach your nonprofit partner without affecting your business operations. Learn more about the chargeback process here.

Note: While the associated fees will be covered by Adyen, the donation amount itself will be refunded from the nonprofit to the customer.