What is my terminal Admin PIN?

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  • Merchant POS Terminal Management Admin

What is the terminal admin PIN?

To access certain features of your payment terminal, you might need the admin PIN code, which can also be changed by your Administrator user.

Find you admin PIN

The admin menu PIN and transaction menu PIN are used when accessing the terminal menus pressing 8 + Green or 9 + Green on Verifone devices, and via Settings or Adyen on Castles devices, and cannot be given to you by support.

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
    • If you see "Test" presented on the home screen of your terminal, make sure you go to the test Customer Area.
  2. Go to In-person payments > Terminals.
  3. Select the terminal you’d like to find the PIN for and go to Passcodes > View decrypted properties.
  4. Switch to decrypted mode to then view the passcodes for the admin and transaction menus.

If you can’t find the admin menu PIN, contact the admin user of your organization. This user should be able to find it. Otherwise, contact Support.

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