Why is my transaction with an Adyen issued card declined?

Declination reasons

For security and regulation, we perform specific checks in the process of transaction authorization with our issued card. Transactions can be declined due to various factors:

  • Account holder capability: please ensure the account holder onboarding is completed and the account holder has the right capabilities allowed, such as Use card or Withdraw cash from ATMs.
  • Failed validations: validations are the fundamental checks Adyen performs on each transaction, such as PIN or balance check. Failed validations are shown in a refused transfer overview in your Customer Area.
  • Failed Transaction Rules: Transaction Rules can be configured by both Adyen and you. Adyen configures its Transaction Rules to set additional checks. You can find them under `Violated transaction rules` on the transfer page in the Customer Area.
    Note: If a Transaction Rule is set by us and leads to an increase in score, you can configure additional Transaction Rules to offset and approve the transactions. For example, by default we increase the risk score of a transaction with CVC2 missing. You can overwrite this rule by setting your own transaction rule. You can create your rule by following the information provided in this article
  • Cardholder failing to complete 3DS: 3DS is mandated for online transaction in Europe. If a transaction is refused and you do not see the failed attempt on the Customer Area, it is likely that the user failed to complete the 3DS step. Please ensure the cardholder has completed the 3DS registration and re-attempt the transaction.

View your declined transactions

You can view your declined transactions with Adyen issue cards in your Customer Area > Transfers > Transfers > Filter on Status: “Failed” or “Refused”. 

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