How can I integrate Klarna?

Klarna variants

You can offer three Klarna variants to your customers:

  • Klarna Pay later for them to pay once the goods are delivered.
  • Klarna Pay over time to pay in installments.
  • Klarna Pay now to pay instantly, either by secured online banking or direct debit.

Prepare your go live

  1. Request a Klarna variant in your Customer Area.
  2. Follow our documentation pages for all information related to the integration
  3. Currency code/region code, billing address country/region, and shopper locale must align.
  4. Specify the product invoice lines accordingly on the authorization, capture and refund requests.
  5. Note that tokenization is limited per market and product
  6. Find the raw acquirer response for a payment in the Customer Area.
  7. In the test environment, Klarna provides sample data per market.

For the live environment

  • A Customer Support Email Address. This will be the public point of contact between shoppers and merchants. It’ll be shown on the Klarna Payments Instruction and can’t be a URL.
  • A Dispute Email Address. This will be the private point of contact between Klarna and merchants. This email is the main login credential for the Klarna Merchant Portal and Klarna may use it for stop requests.
  • Your capture settings. Capture is always manual, but can be configured to be automatic if you confirm your compliance with Klarna's Scheme Rules: Shipment must be done within 24h.
  • The region you want to process Klarna, as a different account is needed per continent: Europe, North America and Oceania.

Note: Adyen doesn’t manage these addresses. You can’t change the dispute email address later, so we recommend using a general company email address instead of an individual one for accessibility purposes. In addition, Klarna will send an activation link to access the merchant portal. This link will expire 24 hours after sending.

Tip: Learn how to add invoice information about Klarna transactions in your API request or apply discounts.

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