What are the different AMEX contracts?

When adding Amex as a payment method through the Management API or the Customer Area, you will need to specify the contract type and, if applicable, the MID number. See the options below, to understand which Amex contract type you should choose. Note: Please keep in mind that it’s not possible to have different contracts on the same merchant account. 

  • No Contract: In this case, you have a direct pricing contract with Adyen, meaning that Adyen takes care of the technical connection, funds settlement, settlement reporting, and the payments capture and authorization.
  • Payment Designator Contract: Amex pays us the funds directly, and we then take care of the payments authorization, funds capture, settlement reporting, and funds settlement. Contract and pricing are set up between you and Amex, meaning that Amex provides you with the MID. Adyen is not involved in this process.
    When configuring a Payment Designator MID, our system will automatically penny-test the MID. If the penny test is successful, the Amex connection will automatically activate. This can take up to 10 business days. If the penny test fails, we will contact Amex and retry it. You can find the penny test’s status on the Payment Methods page in your Customer Area.
  • Gateway Contract: Adyen only provides a technical implementation, taking care of the authorization of payments and capture of funds. We don’t receive status updates on the money flow, and are therefore unable to verify or report on the cost associated with the processing. Contract, pricing, settlement reporting, and funds settlement are all handled between you and Amex, meaning that Amex provides you with the MID. Adyen is not involved in this process. 

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