Can I refund a dispute or chargeback?

Refund a chargeback

Once a chargeback is received, the refund option gets blocked. This prevents you from receiving a double debit. If you want to refund the payment after a chargeback, please accept the chargeback instead of defending or returning it.

After a chargeback is reversed, it's possible to issue a refund for the following schemes and under the following rules:

Refunding after reversed chargeback

Directly possible

Possible 45 days after chargeback reversed

Directly possible

Directly possible

Directly possible

Directly possible

Note: If you initiate a refund after the chargeback is reversed, it's still possible that the issuing bank will continue the defense and initiate a second chargeback. If this happens, you’ll be double debited. Therefore, it’s advised to wait until the dispute is fully resolved before proceeding with a refund.

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