What can I do with a canceled chargeback?

Know if a chargeback is withdrawn

When a dispute is open, it’s possible the issuer withdraws the chargeback. This can happen either because the cardholder recognized the transaction and no longer disputes the payment, because the issuer incorrectly opened a dispute and later withdrew it, or because you settled the dispute outside of Adyen resulting in the cardholder withdrawing their claim.

Withdrawn chargeback scenarios

  • You receive a chargeback and it’s reversed before you or Adyen defend it. This means the InformationSupplied journal is missing, but the chargeback was still reversed.
  • If a dispute is already Lost (either expired or SecondChargeback), the ChargebackReversed can’t be automatically booked to the dispute, as it doesn’t follow the regular chargeback flow. In these situations, it’s possible you’ll receive the credit from the issuer via PaymentCost journal.
  • If none of the above scenarios apply but your cardholder claims they have canceled or withdrew the dispute, reach out to disputes@adyen.com. The cardholder needs to provide a statement from their issuing bank which states the chargeback was withdrawn and needs to show the amount and date the funds were returned to Adyen.

Keep in mind

  • Withdrawing a dispute will not speed up the dispute process and it may take some time before the funds are reversed back into your account. Withdrawing the dispute also depends on the issuing bank and at their dispute processing times.
  • You can’t issue a refund when a dispute is open or lost. Issuing a refund is possible if the dispute is closed within your favor. Please refer to the refund after chargeback article for more information.
  • The chargeback counts towards the chargeback rate/program even if withdrawn. From this issuer perspective, a withdrawn chargeback is considered a won chargeback. All chargebacks despite the status count towards the chargeback rate/program.
  • You can still defend a chargeback after it’s withdrawn, until the timeframe to defend expires. However, if a chargeback is withdrawn, you don’t need to defend it, this won’t speed up the process.

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