¿Cómo deben configurarse los ajustes de registro en Adobe Commerce? (Magento)

Adyen and Adobe Commerce must have the same capture configuration to communicate correctly.

Make sure your settings are aligned

Capture configurations won’t work if the capture settings aren’t aligned. This will cause payments to remain pending in Adobe Commerce.

Adyen capture settings

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Account settings > Capture delay.

Adobe Commerce capture settings

  1. Go to Sales > Payment methods > Adyen.
  2. Go to Advanced order settings > Capture delay.

Webhook flows

  • Immediate capture: the capture is immediate (auto) and a single webhook is sent for authorisation and settlement.
  • Manual capture: a separate webhook event is triggered.

Note: For Klarna payment methods you must use manual capture unless you can ship the order in less than 24 hours.
Note: Open invoice payment methods also include AfterPay Touch, RatePay, FacilyPay/Oney, Affirm, ClearPay, Zip and PayBright.


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