Settlement details report

Settlement details report (SDR)

Note: Don’t use this report to reconcile your invoices.

The Settlement Details report (SDR) is a transaction level report. It includes details of settled and paid out payments. It contains all balance movements that explain the financial standing of your merchant account with Adyen. Find out how to download reports on this article.

Use it to:

  • see the costs related to each transaction and understand what a merchant payout consists of.
  • gain insights on transaction level receivables (settlements, refunds, payouts, chargebacks).
  • gain insights on balance level adjustments (invoice or fee deductions, refund reserve adjustments, and balance transfers).
  • gain insights on merchant payout details (payout details).

This report is generated per merchant account on a batch level basis. Each batch includes settled, refunded and chargeback transactions as well as any fund movement that influences your payout (such as InvoiceDeductions, DepositCorrections, Fees) in a given period. The period is decided by your payout schedule (relates to an individual sales day).

If automatic generation is enabled, the report will be generated once you’ve processed transactions and the batch was closed. You can expect the report to be available on the day of your merchant payout in line with your payout schedule.

The Aggregated Settlement Details report is an extended version of the Settlement Detail Report and lets you select a range of days. One report can include information regarding more than one payable batch.

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