Aggregate settlement detail report

The Aggregate settlement detail report

The Aggregate Settlement Detail Report shows the same as the Settlement details report but for multiple payable batches rather than just one. It is intended to help you perform balance-level reconciliation of funds received against a certain time frame of sales.

While the Settlement details report provides this for each settlement batch on a transaction level (for each merchant account), you can run the Aggregate settlement details report on merchant account and company account level. It includes all batches closed in the chosen period, summarized by merchant account, store, payment method, the day of sale and settlement batch.

For each settlement batch, we report total credits and debits as well as count of transactions for all payment-level journals (e.g. Settled, Refunded, Chargeback) and batch-level bookings (Fees, InvoiceDeduction, MerchantPayout). These are grouped by merchant account, store, terminal, payment method, journal type and creation date/day of sale.

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