Warum werden die lokalen Zahlungsmethoden von Adyen nicht in Adobe Commerce angezeigt? (Magento)

Reasons payment methods might not show up

It’s possible alternative payment methods aren’t showing up in Adobe Commerce because:

  • The country/region and currency combination of the customer.
    For example, iDEAL will only show if the customer is located in the Netherlands and the processing currency is EUR. View the supported payment methods for each country/region. 
  • The CountryCode and Currency aren’t entered correctly during checkout.
    The Adyen plugin should dynamically inject the alternative payment methods, based on the billing address country/region code. A third-party module or customization made to the plugin can prevent this execution. To check whether this applies, disable any third-party modules you’re using, and use the standard Adobe Commerce checkout instead.
  • The payment method isn’t enabled on your account.
    To check which payment methods are enabled on your account:
    Go to the Customer Area > Settings > Payment Methods > Select your merchant account.

Tip: Follow these steps to add a payment method.

Tip: If the previous doesn't help, contact our Support and attach the checkout page screenshot and logs files.

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