How can I get chargeback/disputes webhooks and updates?

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Do you have the right user role?

Please check whether you have the following user role:

  • Merchant admin

  • Merchant financial

  • Risk admin

  • Merchant dispute management

  • Merchant system messages role

Dispute notifications

You can receive dispute notifications and updates by the following means:

System messages

You can subscribe to email notifications (system messages) for new disputes via the Customer Area > navigate to the little bell icon 🔔 in the top right corner of the home page > System messages > Manage subscriptions and enable the selections Fraud for Notifications of Fraud and Chargebacks for Chargebacks and Requests for Information.
Note that system messages are only sent for new disputes, not for status updates on existing disputes.

Dispute webhooks

You can receive webhook events for new disputes as well as status updates on existing disputes via webhooks. For further information and instructions, refer to Adyen Docs.

Customer Area

To view the Disputes section in your Customer Area, select Risk > Disputes in the main menu. The Disputes section has a separate tab for the different dispute types (Requests for Information, Chargebacks) that displays a list of all disputes of that specific type. The list displays for each dispute some basic transaction and dispute details, the days left to defend (if applicable), and the latest event. You can filter and sort the list or search for a specific case by PSP reference.

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