How do I reconcile my payout?

Sales to payouts

On sales to payouts you can see all the sales and payouts made by a merchant account in a specific time frame.

  1. Log in to your Customer Area.
  2. Go to Finance > Sales to Payouts > Payouts page.

Sales tab

Sales shows all sales and refunds made in a selected time frame. If you select one of the bars representing payable batches, you'll see whether they were paid out and how many sales and refunds occurred. By expanding this, you'll get an overview per payment method. If no bars appear, it means no sales were made. The number on the top bar summarizes the sales, refund, sales to refund, and pending funds for the period selected.

Payouts tab

Payouts shows all information regarding payouts. The bars represent all payouts made during a selected time frame. If you select one of the bars, you’ll see which batches were paid out and what the batch consists of (if it includes deposit corrections, reserve adjustments, invoice deductions or anything that is not a sale or refund).  Payouts allows you to also download the settlement detail report for the payable batch of that day.

Tip: The page shows only sales and payouts in currencies with a current active payout account. If multiple currencies are processed, select the currency you want to see.

Tip: The timezone is based on the CE(S)T timing. For example, If you see that the batch was paid out on January 1 for an Australian merchant, it’s very possible that it was paid out on January 2 in Australian time.

Settlement detail report

The settlement detail report helps you achieve transaction-level and batch-level reconciliation. This transaction-level report specifies the gross and net settlement amounts for captures, refunds, fee totals, deposit corrections, balance transfers, the total amount settled, and chargebacks (if applicable). You can find a list of detailed entries on this Docs page


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